What's it all about?

Welcome to – Or ‘SFN‘ to our friends. This is a brand new website all about fishing and nothing else. We’ll have instructions for those new to the sport, pro tips for those looking to improve and equipment for sale for all levels.


Fishing is great

It’s a fantastic hobby. If you already do it, then you know that, so join in with us to talk about it and encourage more people to take part.


Where do I buy fishing tackle from?

Well that’s a great question. There are thousands of places to get all the equipment you need from, whether it’s online or at your local store.


We’ll be bringing you some amazing deals from our partners in the coming months, make sure to visit our fishing tackle page.


Once I’ve got the gear, where do I go to Fish?

Wow you’re on a roll, that’s another great question. Once you’re all kitted up and ready to go, then you need to find the right places to fish.


The kind of places you are looking for are things like Lakes, Ponds and possibly the Sea, depending on how brave you are. Don’t use puddles, they rarely contain fish. Click here to read more about recommended fishing locations.


How can I improve my skills?

Okay stop it now, this is just scary. You’re asking all the right questions.


There are lots of ways to improve your skills no matter what level you’re at. We’ll be bringing you advice from top experts.


There are always new places to go.
For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon.

Jack Nichlaus

Hey what about me?

I operate a fishing related business, can I work with SFN?

You definitely CAN. We’re intending to use SFN as a way to connect people to the best the sport has to offer. Whatever it is that you do, maybe you have a tackle shop, or you give lessons… anything really – then get in touch!


You can get listed on our new business directory, feature your services on a landing page and even promote yourself on our social media channels.

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