With the New Year just around the corner, we thought it would be a perfect time to share some fishing New Year Resolutions that you could promise yourself to do, whether you’re a new or old to fishing.

New year resolutions are quite a cliché but there’s no denying that they’re a great excuse to mix up your usual routine, look at things with fresh eyes or try something completely new! So, here are some of our favourite New Year resolutions.

1. Take Your Family Fishing

This time of year goes hand-in-hand with spending time with family and what a better way to do so than out on the water? Spend some time with your loved ones and invite them to join you for a day of fishing.

It can be a fun family affair and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of laughs getting all of the family involved in your fishing activities! It’ll be a great bonding activity that will leave you with a day filled with memories to look back on. Kids will love catching their first fish and we’re sure you’ll also be brimming with pride when they do!

2. Visit Some New Fishing Spots

If you find yourself always frequenting the same fishing spot, then the New Year may be a perfect excuse to try out a new location. The comfort of knowing a familiar lake and fish is easy to succumb but that sense of familiarity doesn’t quite compare to the excitement of fishing somewhere new.

This New Year, why not try visit a new fishing spot? If you plan ahead and research the location, you’ll be able to tick somewhere new off your list whilst ensuring you’re prepared to make the most of your new destination before you get there.

3. Practice a Rusty Fishing Technique

Whether it’s casting a line, baiting a hook or tying a knot, there’s bound to be at least one fishing technique that you’re a little bit rusty on. Whatever it might be, there’s only one way to get better at it and that’s by practice, practice and even more practice.

As well as practicing your technique, you can also watch YouTube videos for tips and tricks or keep a look out for infographics or illustrations online detailing step-by-step instructions for whatever technique it is you want to improve.

4. Take Lots of Photos

If you do one thing in 2019, make sure it’s taking more photos. Having photographs to look back on and reminisce over is something you really can’t beat. Photographs really do help memories last longer and it’s a great way to document your progress over the year. You can capture those proud catches forever and use those photographs as proof that you really did catch that elusive carp that one time!

Then as the next New Year rolls around you can take sometime to sit and look through all of your amazing fishing memories from the year just passed.

5. Be More Patient

It’s no secret that fishing is a sport of patience. But if you aren’t a naturally patient person then it can be an extremely testing sport at times. If you find yourself often losing your patience whilst fishing then make 2019 the year that you make more of a conscience effort to stay calm.

6. Treat Yourself to some New Fishing Equipment

Obviously we saved the best New Year’s resolution til last…in the New Year, treat yourself to some new fishing equipment! As a beginner, you’ll have to start growing your collection of fishing tackle and if you’ve been in the fishing game for a long time, it may have been a while since you last bought something new.

So, to get the next year off to a great start, why not begin by treating yourself to something that will really help you to up your fishing game.