There’s a whole host of reasons for why you should (or might want to) go fishing and sometimes “just because” is a good enough reason in itself. So, whether you’re new to fishing and want to know why to go, or if you’re a well-seasoned fisherman looking for another excuse to get out by the water, then here’s our list of some of the top reasons to go fishing.

1. Spending Time with Friends and Family

Fishing can be a social sport making it a great way to spend some quality time with friends or family. The calm outdoors environment creates the perfect setting for catching up, talking and bonding with friends free from the distractions of the 21st century.

2. Stress Relief

It’s no secret that fishing is a relaxing activity. Fishing offers an opportunity to just slow down and be present or engage in thoughtful reflection. Going fishing gets you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life making it the perfect break to recharge. To enjoy a truly stress-free fishing trip, turn off your mobile phone for time away from notifications, text messages and phone calls.

3. Exercise

Fishing might not be the first activity you think of when you think of exercise. However, you may be surprised to learn that it can be quite a moderate workout. If you’re into sport fishing then hauling a catch that could be 30 (or more!) pounds means it can be quite an intensive sport at times. Along with catching some heavy fish, casting and reeling in your fishing rod can also burn a fair few calories. Throw in there the hike to your fishing spot, if you chose to fish somewhere remote, and you’ll have had quite the workout.

4. Being in the Great Outdoors

How often do you get outdoors? If your answer is “not that often” then fishing can be a brilliant way for you to increase the amount of time you spend outdoors. Far too many of us spend most of our days indoors, working or in the city where there’s little greenery. But that simply means it gives you more reason to fishing so you can enjoy a beautiful change of scenery and breath in the fresh country air.

5. Good Food

Catching your own fish to eat is always a rewarding experience. If you fish for food then you’ll know that exciting feeling of accomplishment and pride all too well. If you’re yet to catch your first fish then you have the excitement of eating the fish you caught to look forward to. Plus, fish is a great source of protein that’s low in fat making it a healthy choice too.

6. Fun

Finally, fishing is fun! What better reason to go fish other than simply because it’s fun? Getting outdoors into nature, relaxing your mind, conversing with friends or enjoying a moment of peace and quiet on your own… whatever your reason you may choose to go fishing, there’s no denying that it’s going to be fun.


We would love to know your top reasons for going fishing too, so be sure to let us know and share your ideas with others!