Designer, Writer, Philosopher, Photographer
& Occasional Conspiracy Theorist

You'd like me.
Not a lot, but you'd like me.

i like food

That's right. I'm a food lover. I can't even go a single day without eating something.

I was a biker

Hell yeah. I was once a rebel in a leather jacket tearing up the highways. At 30mph.

now i'm a vanner

Life moves more slowly now and I take a lot of tea breaks. It's awesome.

I hate europe

Honestly, I went there once. It was full of Europeans, and nobody spoke English.

I like America

I went there once. Everybody spoke English, only it was spelt wrong.

My IQ is massive

I'm like, almost a genius. I don't like to brag, but I'm probably cleverer than you.

celebrities that recommend me

He's my hero. Don't tell him, but I've been secretly in love with him for years. I just turn to mush around him, when I see those eyes and that smile. He's also great at WordPress SEO, so now my blog is ranking on the first page of Google.
Neira Kightley
Stu is the person I always wanted to be. He's got it all, the body, the looks and the talent. I tried my hardest to be like him but he's just too awesome. I can't figure out his secret, and he's also a genius when it comes to making me new websites.
Tanning Chatum