If you’re new to fishing, you might be shocked to learn that there’s so many different types of fishing out there. So, how do you find out what’s the right style of fishing for you? To help out, we’ve written this post to talk you through just 3 of the many different types of fishing available.


Fly Fishing, one of the most popular types of fishing, is an angling method that uses an artifical ‘fly’ to catch fish. These artificial flies tend to be made from hair, fur or feather and are hand-tied to a hook. They are designed to resemble invertebrates, bait fish or other types of lure to encourage fish to bite the fly.

In the UK, fly fishing is used to catch fish like trout, salmon, carp and bass (to name a few!). The techniques required will vary dependent on where you’re fishing – be it a lake, pond, river or even the ocean. As you can probably tell so far, fly fishing is quite versatile!

Fly fishing differs from other types of fishing because the weight of the line carries the hook through the air when cast. Fly lines are usually plastic-coated to provide weight and the heavier the fly, the larger the reel and rod needs to be!


No guesses for where sea angling takes place… As the name gives away, this type of fishing is done in the sea. Therefore, most sea fishing will take place off a boat. Although, it can also be done on piers, off shoreline rocks or on estuaries.

When sea fishing in England, you may come across bass, cod, plaice, flounder and potentially even some ray or shark! If that’s not an interesting variety of fish, we don’t know what is…

Bait fishing is usually the preferred technique for sea anglers. The bait used in sea angling tends to include lugworm or ragworm. However, it may also include fish bait like mackerel or shellfish and squid.

Due to the depth and distance of the sea paired with the weight and size of the fish, you’ll need tackle that can cope with this style of fishing. Resilient rods and reels with long casting distances will be perfect for starting out in sea angling.


Bottom fishing, also known as legering here in the UK, quite simply refers to fishing at the bottom (or floor) of the water.

Bottom fishing uses a heavy lead sinker to make sure the line is deep within the sea floor. A little higher up the line, about an inch or so, is the hook. The idea is that as fish go for the bait the weighted line will trick them into changing route, leading them straight towards the hook.

Bottom fishing can either be done from a boat or, like sea angling, can also be done from the shore with the weight allowing the line to be cast out towards the sea.

The types of fish you’ll catch in bottom fishing can include catfish, sucker fish and the red snapper.


That’s just a small insight into some of the common types of fishing you may partake in. However, there is a wide variety of other fishing techniques out there for you to get involved in. There’s also the likes of ice fishing, spearfishing, netting, kite fishing, noodling…and so many more types of fishing! With so many different styles available, you’re bound to find a fishing technique that suits you.

So, why not give one of the many types of fishing a try? You never know, you may end up finding a brand new hobby that you love!